Monday, September 2, 2013

Olympic Relay - Town Lake Triathlon

September 2, 2013

I had to go back to the fun of triathlon...
I decided to regroup my friends & register for an
 Olympic Triathlon - Relay Team!
Darcy would be our swimmer as she was a swimmer in college, no discussion!... She just needed to find a swimsuit! :) We talked about it for weeks then the day before she went to the store! lol
She slept @ home so she could rest a little away from her 3 kiddos & we had to wake up early. And to be honest, since she was living like one hour away from the place, I was afraid I would have to do the swim if she would not wake up on time! lol
I ended up being the biker as I was the only one owning a bike! lol
Sandy would be our runner as she started training for her first half-marathon (next January).
Darcy did really good on the swim! She was amazing!

Poor Sandy, it was such a hot morning! By the end of the run she was the same color as her tee-shirt! Lol

Hot morning for the "girl power" team...
We will do it again next season! :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I am an Ironman!

"Once upon a time..."

Woke up @ 4:30 AM, didn't sleep really good. I felt like a pressure cooker the last few days...

5:30 AM - Transition opened, I checked on my bike & put my French flag sticker on it... I was trying to stay calm but had butterflies in my stomach... Lot's of them! 

We walked about 1 mile to the swim start. I took the decision to swim without a wetsuit.


7:00 AM - Start
SWIM: 01:41:42 / 08:41:42 AM

I was still awaiting in line at the porta potty 5 minutes before the start. I left my bag to hubby & went off. He opted for the wetsuit & start was @ 7:10 AM.

I jumped in the lake & didn't think anymore, I was just happy that the waiting was over. Then the gun went off & well, I cannot even begin to describe the mess it was! What a zoo out there! People swimming on top of each other, how do you call that a swim? lol Anyway, I managed to look @ the buoys & go from one to another. First time I looked @ my watch was 51 minutes & I wanted to be done with it already! Then an Ass--- swam on top of me & took off my cap & goggles. I drunk some water & almost throw up. Ewww... I don't think I yelled at someone that bad before but yes I did today! That guy didn't even stop... I got pissed off & it might have made me swim faster who knows! :) Anyway, let's just say I was really happy to get off of the water! I was happy with my time.

T1: 00:12:01 / 08:53:43 AM
I ran & grabbed my bike bag & went to the changing tent. It was not easy to put on my bib, my jersey & socks being wet. I made sure to put on some Chamois butter as I knew it was going to be a long ride!...

Mile 30: 01:43:01 - 17.47 mph / 10:36:44 AM
I felt good on the bike, hubby passed me around mile 30. It felt really good to see him. I was happy to know he was out of the water too! :)
I was looking at the landscape & wildflowers, singing in my head... The ride was nice.
Mile 56: 01:49:39 - 14.23 mph / 12:26:23 PM
Aid stations were every 10 Miles. I started feeling the heat on the concrete. The wind was blowing in my face & I started struggling... I do not like wind on the bike!!! It was about 13/14 mph, gusting 21/22 mph.

I stopped @ Mile 60 & went to the bathroom. I picked up my special bag but couldn't eat the bagel I prepared. I stretched for 2, 3 minutes & went back on the road. Suddenly roads appeared to me really long & hilly!...

Mile 70, they didn't have anymore water at the aid station. That was a huge bummer... I had lost my 2 Gatorade bottles on the bumpy road (train rail) & didn't have anything left to drink. I drank a little bit of the melted ice, pushing the grass on the side... from that little tiny pool where I could imagined hundred of bottles floating, too many sweaty hands grabbing these bottles!... I know: so gross!
I pushed to the next aid station with that weird taste in my mouth... I was so thirsty!
Then as soon as I got off the bike @ Mile 80, I felt dizzy & the volunteer called the EMT team. I told them I was fine, just bothered by the fact that I had water in my ear from the swim, my ear was going on & off... I just needed water! They sat me, told me that was a symptom of dehydration, the inner ear fluid something... Took off my helmet & poured ice cold water on my head & back. Man, that woke me up! They gave me a Mountain Dew to drink & a bag of chips to eat. I stayed there for about 40 minutes. The all time I was thinking, that's dead, I am never going to make it, such an horrible feeling... 3 others guys were sitting with me, they had given up & were waiting for the SAG vehicle. Another girl came in crying & joined the saddest club ever saying she was done... Hey hold on a minute guys, I wasn't done, I was just resting! I looked at them & just couldn't quit, I had gone too far in that journey to quit! I had made too many concessions in the last 5 months to be part of that race... I stood up & grabbed my helmet & 2 bottles of water, told the medical team I was feeling brand new & was back on the road again. No discussion!

Then the nightmare started! lol
I was counting the miles to the next aid station, pouring water on my head, back, legs & arms... switching my counter to miles & race time... I wasn't riding any faster for that! lol
I couldn't stand looking at the wildflowers anymore... as beautiful as they could have been hours ago... concentrating on the road & my pace, going from hill to hill... that bike ride was not flat! :)
I stopped in the shade to stretch again @ mile 90 for about 10 minutes.   
I passed Mile 100 & I swear those 12 last miles were torture... I started looking at my counter, mile per mile... how many minute per mile... looking at my watch, I had to go faster if I was to make the cut-off, come on girl you can do it! Why did you stop that long on that last stop?
Finally I reached the last turn & could hear the crowd, "You made it"!
Mile 112: 05:03:49 - 11.06 mph / 17:30:12 PM

T2: 00:13:29 
Got off the bike, grabbed my run bag. When I arrived @ the changing tent almost crawling, 2 volunteers asked me what I needed, drink, fruits? They gave me a coke & helped me change. I couldn't use my left hand, too much pressure on the bike handlebars I guess... They put on my compression socks, laced my shoes & pushed me out. :) They were the sweetest thing, real angels! I don't think I could have made it without them.

RUN: 17:43:41 PM
So here I was, on the road again! My first thought was: "Ok, that's just a few miles right? Then... How in the world am I going to finish that marathon???"... I could barely walk, my lower back was hurting & my legs felt like jello... Enough complaining lady, your call to register for that race remember! Suck it up! The sun was high & I could feel the heat from the concrete.
After 3 miles of agony looking around & trying to keep going, I started to feel better & started running few minutes per miles... few steps really...
I finished the first loop, looked at the athlete that were going towards the finish line with envy!
I was drinking & eating a little bit of fruits at each aid station (every mile). Pouring water on my head. I really enjoyed the cheering from the crowd & the volunteers, they were amazing!
On the second loop, it started to get dark. I guess that's the good thing of finishing late, you don't have to deal anymore with the sun & heat! lol
I was looking @ my watch & calculating how long I should "run" a mile to make the run cut-off @ mile 17! Yeah, another cut-off! :) I did make it by 7 minutes... My feet were hurting me, especially the right one, each step was painful. Wet socks are not blisters friendly! I was thinking of hubby waiting around the finish line... wondering if I was going to make it or not... No doubt in my mind he was an Ironman already!
I was on my third loop finally, wanted to pick-up my special need bag but everybody was gone, so no head light for me! :( I was running in the dark on a trail in the wood at some point... my imagination went crazy... hopefully I will not walk on a snake or something funny... I was hearing noise in the woods, maybe it made me run faster! At this point, I think I was going crazy too, losing my mind!
I was so thrilled to see the 26 miles mark I almost started crying! I could hear the crowd & the music... gave me chills. It was so load, so many people wanted to give you high 5, I was overwhelmed by it. The emotion you feel on that last turn is almost impossible to describe.  
I was done, I was an Ironman! :)

FINISHING TIME: 16:49:18 / 23:49:18 PM


Monday, May 13, 2013

It's all about timing... Or not...

Ok so now that the training is over... good thing... I have to admit, that went fast!
It seems like yesterday when I had that crazy idea of registering for that race!
So today is the day you start wondering... Am I going to make it or not?

That is THE big question of the moment...  5 days from THE day...
You look back at the stress you had dealing with extended work hours (I am talking about more than 60 a week here...), training mostly in the evening, sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, waking up early & eating in your car (I don't call that having breakfast!) so you can beat traffic & maybe make it to the gym @ lunch if you're lucky, thanks to the work load... all these hours spent away from your kiddos, missed calls from your Freshman in college... "Yeah I know mom, you were biking, oh sorry ok you were out running!...", not much couple's life (except when we were biking side by side on the home trainer, sharing really intense sweaty romantic moment!) switching chores & taking care of the kiddos so we could train... Not to mention dealing with tons of laundry!

Anyway... when you're thinking of all that, you'd better succeed!

Photo: Dream. Believe. Achieve.
10 days...You have all the support you need:
Your older son who's 19: "You guys are crazy!!!" But he's our official babysitter for that event so 2 thumbs up for him! He might be as exhausted as us by the end of that week-end! lol
Your son who's 5: "Mommy, can we go to the splash pad when you're done biking please???"... Well, ok these longgggggg ride on the home trainer were not kids friendly... "I'm almost done sweetie"... when you look @ the counter & you've done only 20 something miles... & still have 3 or 4  hours to go... Well...
Your daughter who's 3: "Mommy, can I go with you?"... wearing your helmet & running shoes...
Your hubby: well, he's in that same boat... Lol

Taking all of that into consideration, it looks like you have no choice: yeah sure baby I can do it! lol

Then since you feel like you're going to make it... you start wondering how long will it take you?
Are you insane lady? It's not enough crossing that finish line before cut-off, you also have a time in mind? Really?
Maybe? Maybe not? You have an idea of what you would like to accomplish... Should I say?

Swim: 01:50:00... you're thinking more like 1:35 but with all the mess @ the start & the crowd...
T1: 00:10:00
Bike: Ewww... not really sure about that one! :) You'd say 07:45:00 because you plan on stopping like 5 minutes to stretch every 1 & 1/2 hour...
T2: 00:15:00
Run: 06:00:00, sure why not!!!

So you come up with a total of 16 hours... Yeah right, well... ok so it would be your dream to finish under 16 hours... Then you come back to reality & talking to yourself... lady, if you make it to that finish line you'll be so emotional & full of joy, you won't care about the timing anymore ok!!!

See what Ironman training does to a first timer? lol


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Sprint Trigirl - Mother's Day Reward!

May 12, 2013
200 Yards Swim / 8 Miles Bike / 2 Miles Run
00:52:34 on my watch - 00:52:47 chip time?

What a great mother's day gift to start the day with a PR, one week before THE Day! :)

Woke up @ 4:45 AM, wasn't really sure if I was to race or switch to volunteer... My back was still stiff in the morning & maybe I was about to make a huge mistake to go for it... Well, as I was putting on my wetsuit, I thought I could always quit if I didn't feel good along the way... Sure, I would be ready to do that!...

Swim: I don't know about that lake but man, those waves are pretty crazy! 
I swam with my wetsuit, lake temp was @ 68... Yeah... Way too cold for me!

T1: I didn't lose so much time with the wetsuit... I struggled with the little rocks & putting on my cycling shoes...

Bike: I loved it! Lost my bottle @ the start, lost maybe 20 sec to get it back. The only readon why I turned back was because it was my Trigirl bottle! :) Felt so good to bike outside, was passing so many people for once! I encouraged every one of them, I just love to share support.
I was really careful on the many turns, maybe too careful even but I was so afraid to crash... I used the aero position all the way, never happened to me before... Felt confortable, way better than on the home trainer.

T2: I just had to put on my running shoes, no socks. Went the wrong way, turned back! Lol
That's because I was looking @ my watch & didn't pay attention...

Run: I am usually slow so today considering my back pain, I'd say it wasn't so bad! :)
I came to the conclusion that I run faster when I'm hurt! Lol

Now I need to relax & enjoy every minute of that adventure next week. 
I did good to race this morning, made me remember how fun & friendly triathlon was! Kind of lost that feeling after all these long hours of training on my own.

Last Year:
Swim: 00:07:05 
T1: 00:02:17 
Bike: 00:27:26 - 17.5 M/H (28.16 Km/H)
T2: 00:01:24
Run: 00:22:04 - 11:01 Mins/M

This Year:
Swim: 00:06:03 
T1: 00:02:01 
Bike: 00:24:17 - 19.8 M/H (31.86 Km/H)
T2: 00:01:10
Run: 00:19:17 - 9:38 Mins/M

Monday, April 29, 2013

Ironman TX - Week 15 - Training - 18:16:55

Sunday April 21, 2013
Bike: 05:30:00 - 97 Miles - 17.64 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00
Well, all I can say is that is was not easy!
Went on the countryside roads, it was peaceful & I enjoyed the scent of honeysuckle on my ride!
I tasted my nutrition... well... Lemon Gatorade & 2 "croissants with Nutella" did the trick... Hey I'm French, what can I say! lol
I really don't know if I am ready yet for 112 miles!!!

Monday April 22, 2013
Swim: 00:49:08 - 2000 meters/1.24 M - 02.28 Mins/100 Meters
Went on my lunch break, felt great to get some fresh air! :)
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00
While hubby was biking, I did my stretching then cooked dinner... We didn't have dinner together for a while now so that was nice to see each other & speak!

Tuesday April 23, 2013
Run: 02:01:25 - 12.40 Miles - 09.47 Mins/M
I was feeling really good, they pissed me off @ work all day long so that helped a lot on my evening run! lol
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00

Went crazy @ lunch instead of going to the pool & registered hubby & myself on a few races:
Sprint Distance - Tejas Triathlon - June 2, 2013
Sprint Distance - Bridgeland Triathlon - August 04, 2013
Olympic Distance - Clear Lake Triathlon - August 24, 2013
On this one, I'll be on the side of the road with the kiddos, supporting hubby with our crazy homemade signs! :)
Olympic Distance - Houston Triathlon - September 2, 2013 / Relay team with a friend & a co-worker. I'll do the bike...
Half-Ironman - 70.3 Austin - October 27, 2013

Wednesday April 24, 2013
Bike: 01:15:00 - 26.13 Miles -20.9 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00 
Thursday April 25, 2013
Run: 01:30:00 - 9 Miles - 10.00 Mins/M
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00 

Friday April 26, 2013
I was suppose to be OFF training but wanted to go relax @ the pool on my lunch break... :)
Swim: 00:11:39 - 500 meters - 02.20 Mins/100 Meters
Swim: 600 meters - Drills - It felt like forever!!!
Swim: 00:11:41 - 500 meters - 02.20 Mins/100 Meters
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00 

Saturday April 27, 2013
Bike: 02:30:00 - 38.83 Miles - 19.42 M/H
I was suppose to go to the pool but the weather didn't permit it... Thunderstorms & Lighting... So I did some jump rope instead for about one hour. A killer!!!
Strength/Core Exercises: 01:30:00 

Swim: 2.23 Miles - 01:30:30
Bike: 161.96 Miles - 08:45:00
Run: 21.40 Miles - 03:31:25
Strength: 04:30:00
Week: 18:16:55
Ok so I skipped some swimming... but overall I managed to follow the plan... Good thing that was the last crazy training week because I cannot take it anymore... :)
Weight loss: 2 lbs this week...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ironman TX - Week 14 - Training - 11:23:00

Sunday April 14, 2013
OFF - Worked on hubby's corporate taxes & our personal taxes...

Monday April 15, 2013
Bike: 02:03:00 - 40 Miles - 19.51 M/H

Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Tuesday April 16, 2013
Run: 00:19:00 - 2 Miles - 09.30 Mins/M

Swim: 00:39:00 - 1600 meters/1 M - 02.26 Mins/100 Meters
Run: 00:18:37 - 2 Miles - 09.19 Mins/M
It was a nice combination... ran to the pool, swam & ran back home... I should do it more often! :)

Wednesday April 17, 2013
Bike: 01:45:00 - 33.85 Miles - 19.34 M/H

Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Thursday April 18, 2013
Run: 00:30:00 - 3.2 Miles - 9.22 Mins/M

Bike: 01:00:00 - 20.03 Miles - 20.03 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Friday April 19, 2013

Saturday April 20, 2013
Swim: 00:48:23 - 2000 meters/1.24 M - 02.25 Mins/100 Meters
Bike: 01:00:00 - 20 Miles - 20.00 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Swim: - 2.24 Miles - 01:27:23
Bike: 113.88 Miles - 05:48:00
Run: 7 Miles - 01:07:37
Strength/Core: 03:00:00
Week: 11:23:00
Started the week on the wrong foot... dragged it all the way... let's just say that was tapper week! :)

Ironman TX- Week 13 - Training - 11:49:55

Sunday March 31, 2013
Bike: 01:20:00 - 24 Miles - 18 M/H
First time out after spending all of my bike training on the home trainer! It felts so good!
It was windy but I could care less...
This picture reminded me of the way I feel after a long bike ride... Feels like I am sitting on a "chardon"... lol
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Monday April 1, 2013
Run: 59:55:00 - 6.2 Miles - 09.40 Mins/M
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Tuesday April 2, 2013
Bike: 01:45:00 - 34 Miles - 19.43 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Wednesday April 3, 2013

Thursday April 4, 2013
Bike: 01:15:00 - 21 Miles - 16.80 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Friday April 5, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 20.78 Miles - 20.78 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Saturday April 6, 2013
Bike: 02:00:00 - 40.11 Miles - 20.06 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00

Bike: 79 Miles - 07:20:00
Run: 6.2 Miles - 00:59:55
Strength/Core: 03:30:00
Week: 11:49:55


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ironman TX - Week 12 - Training - 14:46:59

Sunday March 24, 2013
Run: 02:00:00 - 11.3 Miles - 10:37 Min/M
Strength/Core Exercises: 01:00:00
Well, since I chickened out on the Bluebonnet Bike Ride - 75 miles - this morning because of the wind advisory & mostly because of pollen since I have asthma, I had to catch up somewhere... :)
I do not regret it at all, that was not my idea of having fun while exercising! I may be crazy sometimes... like that day I registered for the Ironman TX... but not today!


So while I was waiting for hubby, I went by Starbucks for coffee.
Let's just say I wasn't the only chicken there!
Then I went back to Waller & drove around for about 3 and a half hours, that was a pretty nice morning from the car seat! :)

I stopped several times, visited a Texas Longhorn from close by, never stopped to see one before, couldn't really see him with the sun in my face so I passed the fence... Didn't even worry about him, he looked so peaceful... Oh well, I had my running shoes on after all! lol
Anyway, hubby showed up after 04:41:00, frozen & about to have an asthma attack... He said he married a really smart girl! :)

Monday March 25, 2013
Run: 01:00:00 - 6 Miles - 10.00 Mins/M
My legs felt heavy after the run from yesterday...
Bike: 01:00:00 - 21.16 Miles - 21.16 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Tuesday March 26, 2013
Run: 00:59:28 - 6.2 M - 9.35 Mins/M
Bike: 01:00:00 - 20.5 Miles - 20.5 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:45:00

Wednesday March 27, 2013
Bike: 01:30:00 - 30.16 - 20.11 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Thursday March 28, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 20.50 Miles - 20.50 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Friday March 29, 2013
Feeling under the weather - Soreness & Fever... Mostly spent my time in bed resting...

Saturday March 30, 2013
Still feeling under the weather... Soreness & Fever but no other symptoms... Thought a quiet & fresh swim would help me... I know it may sounds crazy but I really hate feeling like that!
Swim: 01:12:31 - 1.86 Miles (3000 Meters) - 2.25 Mins/100 Meters
Run: 00:30:00 - 3 Miles - 10.00 Mins/M
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00
Went straight to bed after my shower... Rolling eyes...

Swim: - 1.86 Miles - 01:12:31
Bike: 92.32 Miles - 04:30:00
Run: 26.50 Miles - 04:29:28
Strength/Core: 04:45:00
Week: 14:46:59

Today I am back to normal!!! :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ironman TX - Week 11 - Training - 14:35:14

Sunday March 17, 2013
Bike: 05:15:00 - 102.48 Miles - 19.52 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00
What can I say... That was torture on the home trainer for sure! I cannot stand that thing anymore... I need fresh air, or hot & humid Texas air... I don't care @ this point, I just want to be outside when I am training! :)

Monday March 18, 2013
Run: 01:00:00 - 6.2 Miles - 10:00 Min/M
I don't think that was a smart decision to go running after the long bike ride of yesterday... but like I said, I needed to get out! Well, the allergy season is here... thanks to the yellow pollen from the pine tree all around the subdivision... Would you just stop complaining lady now that you are outside??? lol 
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Tuesday March 19, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 19.76 Miles - 19.76 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00
Yeah yeah yeah... back on the home trainer...

Wednesday March 20, 2013
Took the day Off work for Remi's kindergarten registration...
Went to the school @ 09:00 AM sharp... 50 people in front of me... Went back home & decided to go for my long run around the lakes...
Run: 01:50:00 - 10.5 Miles - 10.29 Mins/M
Strength/Core Exercises: 00:30:00

Thursday March 21, 2013
Worked late @ the office, decided to take the day OFF training

Friday March 22, 2013
Bike: 00:25:00 - 8.15 Miles - 19.44 M/H
Got a flat tire again... Maybe it was a sign I needed to stop training on that thing! ;)
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00
Concentration on knee stretching... Yep my right knee didn't like the long run so much... I didn't stretch enough either lately... rolling eyes...

Saturday March 23, 2013
Swim: 01:35:14 - 2.4 Miles - 2.28 Mins/100 Meters
When hubby came back from the pool, he said it was really nice outside & that I should go...
I wasn't really into the swimming mood at this point, spent my morning doing groceries shopping with my 2 monkeys & cooking a real dinner... I just wanted to rest...

Oh well, having hubby's word in my mind & waiting for my cake to bake... I thought that maybe it would be good for relaxation... Then I went & prepared my bag...
As I entered the water, which was clear & perfect temperature, I decided to go for the distance... Yep... that's just me! I wanted to go back into my comfort zone, realizing I can swim that long without being tired... Well, that worked!
The pool was really quiet, that was pure happiness! Thank you hubby for pushing me a little bit on that one instead of watching a movie! :)
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Swim: - 2.4 Miles - 01:35:14
Bike: 130.39 Miles - 06:40:00
Run: 16.50 Miles - 02:50:00
Strength/Core: 03:30:00
Week: 14:35:14

Ironman TX - Week 10 - Training - 13:11:12

Sunday March 10, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 19.24 Miles - 19.24 M/H
Bike 10 Minutes / Jump Rope 10 Minutes... - 01:10:00 - 12.80 Miles
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00

Monday March 11, 2013
Run: 00:57:24 - 6.2 Miles - 09:16 Min/M
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00
Thank you to Mathieu, my favorite babysitter, who was here for Spring Break!!! He made it possible for me to go run in the evening... :)

Tuesday March 12, 2013
Bike: 02:00:00 - 38.5 Miles - 19.25 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00
I biked really late, was waiting for hubby to get back home from his trip... But he got delayed because of the snow in Paris so he spent the night in Atlanta... Bouhouuuuu 14 years anniversary!!!

Wednesday March 13, 2013
Strength/Core Exercises - 01:00:00
We went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant... I managed to do some strength exercises during the day...

Thursday March 14, 2013
Swim: 00:48:48 - 2000 Meters - 2:26 Mins/100 Meters
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:45:00

Friday March 15, 2013

Saturday March 16, 2013
Bike: 02:00:00 - 39.60 Miles - 19.80 M/H
Strength/Core Exercises - 00:30:00

Swim: - 2000 Meters - 00:48:48
Bike: 110.14 Miles - 05:40:00
Run: 6.20 Miles - 00:57:24
Strength/Core: 05:15:00
Jump Rope: 00:30:00
Week: 13:11:12

My hubby is back from his trip, next week is going to be a little bit easier!!! :)

We are in this craziness together! lol

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ironman TX - Week 9 - Training - 12:41:16

Sunday March 03, 2013
Run: 00:57:56 - 6.2 Miles - 9.20 Min/M
Was happy with that run, finally getting a little faster... well a 10K under one hour makes me happy @ least! See? I don't ask for much! lol
Bike: 04:45:00 - 93.43 Miles - 19.67 M/H
That bike ride on the home trainer made me having second thoughts on the all thing... :)
Bought the chamois butt'r, it helps a little but really???? How do you bike for that long without being hurt?  
I guess now would be a really good time to work on the mental portion of this training...
Monday March 04, 2013
Strength: 00:30:00
Core: 00:45:00
Recovery butt day... :)

Tuesday March 05, 2013
Run: 00:50:00 - 5 Miles - 10.00 Min/M
Strength: 00:15:00
Left work @ 04:30 PM as I should do everyday... yeah right... Then jumped into my running shoes & ran around the lakes before picking up the monkeys.
It was really windy & the pollen from the pine tree started bothering me.
I loved that run, was king of stressed out that hubby left that day to visit his family in Algiers. So lonely without him, so cold in the evening... :)
Wednesday March 06, 2013
Bike: 02:23:20 - 50.16 Miles - 21 M/H
I biked late, was waiting for Mathieu to come back for Spring Break from Texas Tech... Well, I felt asleep around midnight & he finally made it by 1:00 AM... Night was short, woke up @ 05:30 AM the next day.
Thursday March 07, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 21.84 Miles - 21.84 M/H
Cardio Cycling - My favorite!
Friday March 08, 2013
Took the day OFF work to drive the bike course... Well, well, well... I might want to review my bike training & add more resistance on my home trainer... the last 40 miles are more hilly than rolling hills... & windy... Ewwww... I have a feeling that is going to be something else to be able to finish that leg of the course...
Saturday March 09, 2013
Bike: 01:00:00 - 19.38 Miles - 19.38 M/H
Easy gearing then increasing the resistance for 20', then going back up to easy gearing...
That was fun!
Strength: 00:15:00
Swim: -
Bike: 184.81 Miles - 09:08:20
Run: 11.20 Miles - 01:47:56
Strength/Core: 01:45:00
Week: 12:41:16