Monday, April 2, 2012

Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas - Race Report

Saturday March 31, 2012

Drove to Galveston, TX in the morning, stopped on our way @ Subway for a sandwich. It was sunny & windy...
Zhom realized he had forgotten his bathing suit... I heard him say a few bird names... but we still had time to go buy one in the evening. :) 

We picked up our bib & package & checked in our bike.
Check out my new pink tires! lol

Then we went to see the swim portion...
Man it's seemed really long! lol

I had to check the water... I wasn't sure if I wanted to use my wetsuit/shorty... because I'm not comfortable swimming with it... But the water was not really warm - 70 degrees F...
On that picture I am trying to look at the last buoy that seems so far away...

Swim finish was amazing, really well put together, never experienced a swim finish that great before!

Didn't have the chance to see Lance Armstrong on Saturday... Asked zhom to take a picture with the add instead... I was like... "Ok hurry, I must look like a moron"!!!  But that' ok, @ least I made some people laughed! Oh well!!! lol 

So that was athlete check-in day... Went to Academy for zhom & had a pasta dinner @ Olive Garden.
The hotel was nice & quiet, I slept from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

Sunday April 01, 2012

Woke up @ 4:45 AM, had one bagel with peanut butter & coffee.
We arrived a little late @ the race, parked 1 mile away... We had only 30 minutes before the transition would close. Started to walk fast & I realized I had forgotten my helmet in the car when we saw the transition! I was so mad!!! Left everything to zhom & started running back like a crazy person... 2 miles, I've never run so fast in my entire life... Good thing I made it! What a warm up!
Set up my transition, realized I had forgotten my sunglasses... That sucked!

Anyway, we were in the last waves & went to the swim finish to see the pros & Lance Armstrong get out of the water. That was great! They swam so fast! And yes we saw him! :)

Swim - 1.2 Miles - 00:50:21
I was the only one with a shorty... way to go girl! lol
I've never swam in the ocean before (for a triathlon)... but swimming with the waves was not easy... The extra buoyancy of the salt-water didn't help me at all! I was even thinking of taking off my shorty @ one point... Yeah I know... desperate! lol
My time was not good considering I could swim faster, but I was glad to get off the water. I think this was the first time I didn't enjoy the swim.

Transition Swim/Bike - 00:08:52
Stripper helped me to get off of my shorty, they were fast & helpful.
I made sure I didn't see zhom's bike meaning he got off of the water! :)
I lost time putting on my cycling short & especially my top. I didn't feel tired if not, not like the last 70.3 I did.

Bike - 58 Miles - 03:46:28
As I was heading towards the sea wall, I saw Lance Armstrong finishing the bike. He looked great on it, he was going so fast!
I just hate riding with wind!!! Somebody tells me how it's possible to ride head wind on the way in (and just think on the way back to motive myself to made it though) & just after 3 miles on the way back to hit the wind again??? That killed me!
Landscape was wonderful, lot's of pelicans, beach houses & RV camp, the smell of jasmine in the air. I know... so girly! :)

Transition Bike/Run - 00:05:00
Took my cycling shoes off to walk faster & easier to my spot. A new thing I will do from now on... :)
That's so weird how we cannot feel our legs after the bike portion but walking barefoot helped a lot!

Run - 13.1 Miles - 03:06:52
3 loops. I walked the first loop. Started running & walking the other two.
Was really hot & I started to feel the sun on my skin. Ouch! :)
I looked @ my watch 100 times to see if I would be able to beat my time... Made crazy calculations... but what can you do when the body doesn't follow? lol
Ran the last 1.5 miles to make it happen, yeah I'm so stubborn! I was so happy to cross the finish line under 8 hours! I know that's not good for some people but I don't care... I didn't train enough, had only 1400 km/bike & 3500m/swim under my belt, didn't even bother with the running part... :)

Finish time - 07:57:33 - Rank 2204/2670

When I meet zhom after, he was so happy to see me! We hugged, he was so afraid something could have happened to me on the swim portion! (I was too!) Man we had a long sweaty hug!
He finished in 06:30:47. :)
Then we realized with our crazy life, working 12 hours a day & having 2 little ones... we could never make it on a full ironman. The half is already hard on us, but that won't be the last one for sure.
That decision is not even sour to make, it's just not for us... :)
That race was really well organized, volunteers & crowd were amazing!

That just cool to be able to say: I competed once in my life on the same race as Lance Armstrong! :)

Special thanks to tata Mouni who looked after our 2 monkeys over the week-end!