Saturday, August 20, 2011

Concentrating on the bike segment - Speed training.

Trying to regain strength in my hamstring, so I am taking it easy on the run segment. I'd rather wait another week than ruin everything. :)
I don't have enough time to bike & swim at the moment but since Mathieu will start school next week (and will not go out with his friends every night...) I will be able to go @ the swimming pool from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM with my bunny! Yes... Mathieu will be our official babysitter. Kids will be sleeping at this time so we are not offering him any $$!!! lol 
So I have been biking a lot lately. This is fun actually, I was able to really test my equipment.
I must say I love that Louis Garneau bike equipe short. It is so confortable! I will order another one soon since I am biking every day.
Then I tested my cycling shoes as well. Even if I bought them several years ago, I never biked that much before!
I wouldn't need any socks even biking 56 miles.
I am trying to travel light. :)
More about speed training:
The bike portion of a triathlon requires both endurance and speed, similar to the swim and run segments of the race. However, as the longest of the three legs in terms of distance and duration, the bike's physiological requirements for sustaining a high level of performance are significant.
Speed training is particularly beneficial to utilizing both explosive speed and sustaining a pace throughout the course of a race. Short intervals of 45 to 90 seconds require a rider to pedal at full intensity and then back down to a comfortable pace. Triathletes often repeat intervals up to 10 times throughout the course of a training session to develop speed. Longer intervals, meanwhile, build stamina to sustain a certain speed over distance. A triathlete's quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and gluteus muscles are the primary engines for powering the bike forward. Riders work to develop these muscles throughout their training while focusing on keeping their ankles and hips stable. As such, spin technique is an important part of triathlon bike training, and ensures a fluid pedaling motion that maximizes efficiency.