Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shoes... So many to choose from...

Just received today, they are so light & comfy! Thank you bunny, you're the best! :)

Never tried that brand before, I was an Asics fan but my knee is acting up after running 15 miles (and the next day everything is fine...) so maybe it's time to try something else. :)  

Zoot Womens Ultra Tempo+ 3.0

Performance Stability
We Dare you to feel slow in this shoe. I shall see!!! :)
BareFit - constructed for sockless wear, the linings are a Dri-Lex fabric with antimicrobial Smart Silver to battle moisture, odor and to reduce hot spots; Tri-Dry technology limits water retention in the shoe; Patented Quick-Lace system for speed of entry with a single-handed pull; CarbonSpan+ provides smooth and powerful toe-off; Asymmetrical perforated neoprene panel ensures excellent fit and quick entry while maintaining breathability.
Fabric W's Weight: 8.6 oz./243g
Zbound Speed-of-entry

Cannot wait to try them, maybe Sunday for the 5K if it's not raining! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Christmas Day...

Christmas day is usually a time for family get together & eat & eat & eat more... But here we are, Expats & for us it's just a quiet day this year. The kids are taking a nap & we are surfing the web.
I'm thinking of all the hours worked last year, giving up evenings, week-ends, sports, almost family... and for what? I had a reality check-up at the budget meeting, end of November. Let's just say to end the year on a happy note that consideration was not part of it. 
Sooooo I started to think about my priorities in life. Family will come first & sports because I'm a lot happier & healthier (mind & body) when I exercise. Not to mention I still need to lose those extra pounds from the pregnancies... 2007, 2009... ok 2011 is coming up, it's about time to get back in shape! :)
Since I ran my first marathon in 2004, the ironman distance amazed me! 
Then I started to ask myself: "How would I feel if I was to register for an ironman (not that crazy yet...) half-ironman?"
Looked on line & found one in Austin, TX - October 23, 2011. Was already hooked! :)

Then I went to see my hubby & asked him if he was up to give me more gifts for Christmas... Showed him the link: "I would love to register for it!" (Registration fee is not cheap!!!) :) He looked at me like I was crazy, asked me 10 times if I was sure of it... talking about the training time, the kids, work... "YES" was my answer... & since he knows I'm pretty stubborn... he stopped asking. :)
So here I was: registered on Christmas Day! Don't you just love Santa! :)
That same evening, I started researching information about some training plan, nutrition... & I realized that 10 months would go by really fast! Not to mention I completely forgot that Austin was hilly... Oops...
A week later, my excitement contaminated my hubby & he also registered... So at least we are a couple of crazy people, good thing we are together! :)