Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Christmas Day...

Christmas day is usually a time for family get together & eat & eat & eat more... But here we are, Expats & for us it's just a quiet day this year. The kids are taking a nap & we are surfing the web.
I'm thinking of all the hours worked last year, giving up evenings, week-ends, sports, almost family... and for what? I had a reality check-up at the budget meeting, end of November. Let's just say to end the year on a happy note that consideration was not part of it. 
Sooooo I started to think about my priorities in life. Family will come first & sports because I'm a lot happier & healthier (mind & body) when I exercise. Not to mention I still need to lose those extra pounds from the pregnancies... 2007, 2009... ok 2011 is coming up, it's about time to get back in shape! :)
Since I ran my first marathon in 2004, the ironman distance amazed me! 
Then I started to ask myself: "How would I feel if I was to register for an ironman (not that crazy yet...) half-ironman?"
Looked on line & found one in Austin, TX - October 23, 2011. Was already hooked! :)

Then I went to see my hubby & asked him if he was up to give me more gifts for Christmas... Showed him the link: "I would love to register for it!" (Registration fee is not cheap!!!) :) He looked at me like I was crazy, asked me 10 times if I was sure of it... talking about the training time, the kids, work... "YES" was my answer... & since he knows I'm pretty stubborn... he stopped asking. :)
So here I was: registered on Christmas Day! Don't you just love Santa! :)
That same evening, I started researching information about some training plan, nutrition... & I realized that 10 months would go by really fast! Not to mention I completely forgot that Austin was hilly... Oops...
A week later, my excitement contaminated my hubby & he also registered... So at least we are a couple of crazy people, good thing we are together! :)

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  1. Yeah! Life is good! Karine, that's excellent news! All the best to you for these 10 months training period! You're gonna make it!
    Crossing my fingers... and happy to think you'll share this experience with us!