Thursday, May 26, 2011

What makes you run faster?

Well, I'd say FEAR without a doubt...

It was 8:45 PM when I started running outside. Not too warm, not too windy, except for the mosquitos it would have been a perfect evening.
That was counting without the coyotes!


I don't really like going out running when it's dark... but sometimes you don't really have a choice for training hours...
Tonight I was half done when I saw lot's of lights & some police cars. One drove & stopped by me.
First of all, I got scared with the car... who knows if it's really a cop or not right?
Then that guy freaked me out telling me I had to turn around, they were chasing a big coyote. He even asked me if I wanted a ride... to be really careful going home because they come out @ night... 
Well, I said "thanks but no thanks" & ran faster! From 9:30 mn/mile, I went to 7:30 mn/mile. That was a good training when I think about it! :)

It's amazing what fear can do to you! I must have seen a dozen coyotes behind all the bushes before I got home... In my mind!!!

So... here we are... in Texas where the slogan is "everything is bigger in Texas"...
You need to be careful of fire ants... you do not want to step on a colony when running in the grass!
Then look up for snake roasting in the sun... Then coyotes @ night...


If I scream tonight Bunny... that's just a nightmare about coyote!
Be aware! lol

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Triathlon Gear - The fun part! :)

Having 6 days of training a week require lot's of gear... I cannot wash them every night & use them again the next day because the monkeys are sleeping when I'm done training... & the last thing I want is to wake them up with the washing machine! :) 
So I've been training with old tee-shirts & 2 long pants & my pyjamas sweat pants... but I really needed to invest! Good thing my bunny offered to pay for all the gear I need, these stuff gets expensive. Love you Bunny! :)

I have the main gear on the running part under control... THE shoes... & I love them! They are so light, easy to run without socks - tried running a 10K & they were still really comfortable. Don't know yet if I can run a half-marathon... but that's ok, I'll wear socks in that case.
Best shoes ever! :) I may need a second pair for training after the summer... :( I already know I will stick with this brand - Zoot.

I found a running skirt last week-end. It's really nice for training especially by 96 degres. Last time I went to Memorial park, I was the only one in running pant... I was dying with the heat! :)
The short is short & I'm not so sure it will be confortable for long run... Really cute, just need to work on my abs a little more! :) I wear it with 2 racerback tank on top of each other. I know I'm not suppose to wear 100% cotton but that's fine for training & cheaper than the running top.

Then I found the biking short online, matching the shoes. :) It is suppose to be confortable for long bike. I like the way it's long. Didn't receive it yet... but cannot wait to try it on! That will be the gear for the race! I still have my old ones for training @ home, hidden in the fitness room because... I had 2 babies since I bought them... so they are a little tight! I wouldn't go out with them, never know about the sewing part holding or not! :)

Then the biking shoes, I love them! Had them for 4 years & counting...

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 2011 - Recap Training

BIKE Training - 8 - 260 Km
Best time: 20 Miles @ 20.71 Miles/Hour - 04/03/2011

RUN - 7 - 36 km

Chest press & Squats - 0:51 Hour

May will be the month for incorporing swimming to my training - 6 days training plan
Friday off, that's the rule with my bunny! :)

I cannot really write in down, that would be completely unrealistic!
It will depend on the time I have in the evening & in the week-end, but this is what I'm planning:
- 1 short swim, 1 short bike, 1 short run
- 1 long swim, 1 long bike, 1 long run
- 1 brick once a week @ Memorial Park (short bike & short run)
- 10 to 15 Mn of fitness & stretching every days.  
We'll see! :)