Wednesday, June 18, 2014

XTERRA Muleshoe Off-road Triathlon - June 15, 2014 - Race Report


What can I say about off-road triathlon?
First of all, I love outdoors & that's a really good thing because if not I would have been miserable between snakes, scorpions & all kind of bugs & noise surrounding us!
We're mastering primitive camping now, especially smores at night & outdoor showers!

This year my bucket list was to run 13 half-marathons & possibly go for a PR. By mid April I had run 9 HM & got my PR so tired of concrete, I started searching for fun races to do & found the race revolutions website... didn't take me long to register for an off-road triathlon. Sounded like fun except I didn't have a mountain bike & knew little to nothing about it. Oh well! 
I had unexpected surgery on my thigh end of April & I am supposed to be in recovery mode until the end of June... Well... I'm kind of stubborn & listening to my body so I had to race on Sunday... No comment please... :)
Morning of the race - I was happy they were selling coffee... not great coffee but it seemed like extraordinary coffee after a night spent listening to the wild!

I even took it on a ride to the transition! lol
Swim 800 meters - 19:28 - 2:26/M: Not too much to say, had a nice & relaxing time swimming breaststroke.... Maybe it's about time I switch to freestyle... lol 
Bike 14.75 M - 2 loops
What can I say except I need serious training for that stuff! Not only technical skills but hard core training!
You never get rest on trails. I was done after the first loop! :)
I didn't have clip pedals as I got my brand new bike on the Monday prior to the race.
I added it to the to do list while I'll be on vacation next week... And will need to train with it... Nothing can be worse than these stupid trail running shoes anyway! Yes trail running shoes can be stupid, too slippery on the pedals, can't have confidence in them! :)

Run 4 M
Same as bike, I need special hills training for trails... @ one point I thought I was climbing instead of running, almost had vertigo!

Anyway, I must admit I couldn't really run as I started feeling pressure in my leg so I walked most of the trails... @ first I was kind of mad because people passed me... then I thought about how I felt 6 weeks ago when I was waiting for my tumor lab result & it didn't take me too long to calm down & feel lucky to just walk the trails... even with my super ugly scar... yep... I have to work on that one a little bit more as lucky as I can be! :)
I would have walked the hills anyway to be honest.
It was kind of scary being alone in the woods & hearing noise everywhere... The best part of the "run" was seeing hubby picking me up around mile 3. We hold hands like we were on vacation or something... it was nice but hey I was racing & sweating like crazy so we ran the last 1/2 mile on flat surface together. lol 
Overall: Loved it! Need to buy clip pedals & wear my regular running shoes! Not so many women in off-road so I got third in my AG... (3 out of 6 - 3 DNF)
@ XTERRA races, you meet laid-back friendly people & I liked it a lot.
Only one girly thing to remember for next time... if you go for a pedicure/manicure the day after... don't forget to tell the lady you do not want massage on your lower legs, just the hot towel... too many bruises & cuts!