Monday, September 2, 2013

Olympic Relay - Town Lake Triathlon

September 2, 2013

I had to go back to the fun of triathlon...
I decided to regroup my friends & register for an
 Olympic Triathlon - Relay Team!
Darcy would be our swimmer as she was a swimmer in college, no discussion!... She just needed to find a swimsuit! :) We talked about it for weeks then the day before she went to the store! lol
She slept @ home so she could rest a little away from her 3 kiddos & we had to wake up early. And to be honest, since she was living like one hour away from the place, I was afraid I would have to do the swim if she would not wake up on time! lol
I ended up being the biker as I was the only one owning a bike! lol
Sandy would be our runner as she started training for her first half-marathon (next January).
Darcy did really good on the swim! She was amazing!

Poor Sandy, it was such a hot morning! By the end of the run she was the same color as her tee-shirt! Lol

Hot morning for the "girl power" team...
We will do it again next season! :)


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