Sunday, May 12, 2013

Super Sprint Trigirl - Mother's Day Reward!

May 12, 2013
200 Yards Swim / 8 Miles Bike / 2 Miles Run
00:52:34 on my watch - 00:52:47 chip time?

What a great mother's day gift to start the day with a PR, one week before THE Day! :)

Woke up @ 4:45 AM, wasn't really sure if I was to race or switch to volunteer... My back was still stiff in the morning & maybe I was about to make a huge mistake to go for it... Well, as I was putting on my wetsuit, I thought I could always quit if I didn't feel good along the way... Sure, I would be ready to do that!...

Swim: I don't know about that lake but man, those waves are pretty crazy! 
I swam with my wetsuit, lake temp was @ 68... Yeah... Way too cold for me!

T1: I didn't lose so much time with the wetsuit... I struggled with the little rocks & putting on my cycling shoes...

Bike: I loved it! Lost my bottle @ the start, lost maybe 20 sec to get it back. The only readon why I turned back was because it was my Trigirl bottle! :) Felt so good to bike outside, was passing so many people for once! I encouraged every one of them, I just love to share support.
I was really careful on the many turns, maybe too careful even but I was so afraid to crash... I used the aero position all the way, never happened to me before... Felt confortable, way better than on the home trainer.

T2: I just had to put on my running shoes, no socks. Went the wrong way, turned back! Lol
That's because I was looking @ my watch & didn't pay attention...

Run: I am usually slow so today considering my back pain, I'd say it wasn't so bad! :)
I came to the conclusion that I run faster when I'm hurt! Lol

Now I need to relax & enjoy every minute of that adventure next week. 
I did good to race this morning, made me remember how fun & friendly triathlon was! Kind of lost that feeling after all these long hours of training on my own.

Last Year:
Swim: 00:07:05 
T1: 00:02:17 
Bike: 00:27:26 - 17.5 M/H (28.16 Km/H)
T2: 00:01:24
Run: 00:22:04 - 11:01 Mins/M

This Year:
Swim: 00:06:03 
T1: 00:02:01 
Bike: 00:24:17 - 19.8 M/H (31.86 Km/H)
T2: 00:01:10
Run: 00:19:17 - 9:38 Mins/M

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