Monday, May 13, 2013

It's all about timing... Or not...

Ok so now that the training is over... good thing... I have to admit, that went fast!
It seems like yesterday when I had that crazy idea of registering for that race!
So today is the day you start wondering... Am I going to make it or not?

That is THE big question of the moment...  5 days from THE day...
You look back at the stress you had dealing with extended work hours (I am talking about more than 60 a week here...), training mostly in the evening, sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, waking up early & eating in your car (I don't call that having breakfast!) so you can beat traffic & maybe make it to the gym @ lunch if you're lucky, thanks to the work load... all these hours spent away from your kiddos, missed calls from your Freshman in college... "Yeah I know mom, you were biking, oh sorry ok you were out running!...", not much couple's life (except when we were biking side by side on the home trainer, sharing really intense sweaty romantic moment!) switching chores & taking care of the kiddos so we could train... Not to mention dealing with tons of laundry!

Anyway... when you're thinking of all that, you'd better succeed!

Photo: Dream. Believe. Achieve.
10 days...You have all the support you need:
Your older son who's 19: "You guys are crazy!!!" But he's our official babysitter for that event so 2 thumbs up for him! He might be as exhausted as us by the end of that week-end! lol
Your son who's 5: "Mommy, can we go to the splash pad when you're done biking please???"... Well, ok these longgggggg ride on the home trainer were not kids friendly... "I'm almost done sweetie"... when you look @ the counter & you've done only 20 something miles... & still have 3 or 4  hours to go... Well...
Your daughter who's 3: "Mommy, can I go with you?"... wearing your helmet & running shoes...
Your hubby: well, he's in that same boat... Lol

Taking all of that into consideration, it looks like you have no choice: yeah sure baby I can do it! lol

Then since you feel like you're going to make it... you start wondering how long will it take you?
Are you insane lady? It's not enough crossing that finish line before cut-off, you also have a time in mind? Really?
Maybe? Maybe not? You have an idea of what you would like to accomplish... Should I say?

Swim: 01:50:00... you're thinking more like 1:35 but with all the mess @ the start & the crowd...
T1: 00:10:00
Bike: Ewww... not really sure about that one! :) You'd say 07:45:00 because you plan on stopping like 5 minutes to stretch every 1 & 1/2 hour...
T2: 00:15:00
Run: 06:00:00, sure why not!!!

So you come up with a total of 16 hours... Yeah right, well... ok so it would be your dream to finish under 16 hours... Then you come back to reality & talking to yourself... lady, if you make it to that finish line you'll be so emotional & full of joy, you won't care about the timing anymore ok!!!

See what Ironman training does to a first timer? lol



  1. You'll finish, and honestly, who cares what your time is? When you tell people you are an Ironman (woman), their eyes are going to get all big either because they think you're crazy or you're a rockstar. They aren't going to ask how long it took you. You just tell them you started and finished in the dark and it was 140.6 miles, and they know it took all day, and that's all they need to know (and really all they care to know since most of them don't even know that the swim is first). Whether it took you 9 hours or 16, does it really matter? You're going to be an IRONMAN!!!! :) (and so will I!!!!)

  2. OMG you are crazy!! Vraiment tu m'impressonnes. Je penserais fort a vous ce weekend!! Bon courage, je suis sure que tu passeras la finish line!!

  3. And YOU DID IT!
    So great job...

    Do you plan some... wellness vacation? I hardly think so!

    1. Yes Caro, I retired from the full IM, one in my life time was all I needed! I will stick to the half-IM distance & play support team with the kiddos on hubby's next one.