Saturday, April 2, 2011

March 2011 - Recap Training

BIKE Training - 9 - 238 Km

Best time: 10 Miles @ 21.05 Miles/Hour - 03/07/2011

Chest press & Squats - 0:52 Hour

I feel really good on the bike now.

Tax season in March, not much time for training. But I will be taking it to the next level in April. :)
Every Tuesday evening, I will plan on going training @ the Memorial Park - It would be my weekly "Me Time". I just don't know how to take the bike in my car yet! :)

When I go there, it reminds me the forest I was going every week in Le Havre, Foret de Montgeon - Except here it's 20 degres C more... :) 

Memorial Park - Houston, TX

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