Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy day... Finding time to train?

I believe finding time to train when you have a family is way more challenging than registrering to the event itself, whatever that event is! :)
I am trying to spend between 1 hour & 1 hour 1/2 a day for my training (in the evening) but sometimes I just don't feel like it. I have the motivation for sure, but the energy left at the end of the day is another story! :)

5:30-5:45 AM - Alarm is going on... Shower, Waking up Leila, Dressing up Leila...
6:15 - 6:30 AM - Breakfast, I love spending time with her in the morning, she's always waking up in a good mood, so cute!
Then I need to make sure Mathieu is waking up... often he does, but then he would go back to sleep... Teenagers!!! :) 
6:30 AM - Leaving the house. Coming back, forgot the basket for the Easter Party @ the day care, grabbing the strawberries & the chocolate bunny for the teachers as well... 
When Remi is waking up because we are too noisy... & wants to go with me as well,... it's another story... But it is not often, hubby is dropping him at the day care so he can sleep a little bit more in the morning.
6:45 AM - Leaving the day care.
8:00 AM - Work, day was crazy enough: no lunch, too busy, I decide to leave @ 5:00 today, files would still be on my desk in the morning anyway...
5:00 -5:15 PM - Leaving Work (it's a good day...)
6:15-6:30 PM - Picking-Up the monkeys at the day care.
6:30 PM - Preparing dinner for the monkeys - They are starving! Picnic outside, then they play in the sand box, making a mess on the patio... :) I'm watering the plants, my little veggies garden (if we can talk about veggies yet...)... taking a few minutes to relax, building sand castle. It's warm & windy today, feels really nice to be outside. Then I end up weeding around the patio with Leila sitting on my legs, stretching time! :)
7:45 PM - Hubby comes home, he takes over & I jump into my sports pants & running shoes. Tonight I decided to try my new shoes without socks.
7:47 PM - I'm out!!! Feels so good!!! 5K, shoes are fine, really light but I'm not flying yet... still a snail!
8:30 PM - I'm back... I'm happy I didn't walk this time, first time since I started running again. Cooling off... Putting the kids to bed...
8:40 PM - I must be crazy but Remi is not eating lunch @ the day care... cannot blame him, the food is not so good... so I was thinking when running that if I bake a quiche for dinner tomorrow night, I will bake a little one for him for his lunch... Then I think about hubby... then I'm baking a cake with "fruits confits" for him, his favorite... so he could have it for breakfast in the morning... then I think about myself & I really want an apple pie... Yeah... Crazy... Mathieu is coming home from the fitness center, looking @ "MY" apple pie in the oven... Yummy... "Is it going to be ready tonight?" Nope... Maybe I'll share with you tomorrow if I don't eat everything in the morning... :)
9:15 PM - Shower, then dinner with hubby... Salad, yogurt & a little baby apple pie I baked with the left over pastry...It's like a reward! :)
10:30 PM - Looking @ my training plan... blogging...
11:00 PM - Checking the monkeys before going to bed, kissing them, priceless...
11:01 PM - Good Night! Already thinking about the 3 days week-end coming up! :)


  1. reading you leaves me speechless... wow...
    and I don't work outside from home. And I'm overwhelmed already... but I go on running ;)! That's like being on my (mobile) deserted island. I love it, and I need it!

    Do you have that kind of energy 7/7? ('cause I don't...)

  2. I need my training time to feel good as well. ;)
    I don't think I have that energy 7/7! On the week-end I always take long nap with the kids, @ least 2 hours. ;)