Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sprint Triathlon - 10/09/2011

I love this triathlon, it's around the corner in our subdivision. I don't need to wake up so early since I'm biking to the event. :) 
Woke up @ 5:45 AM, same as if I was going to work... woke Mathieu up, he was sleeping so good!
I had coffee with a toast. I was only thinking it will be a good training session today.

As soon as we started to bike, we could feel few drops of rain & saw lighting/thumder... "Crap mom, it didn't rain for 6 months & today that.... really???" said Mathieu!  
Start was delayed a little because of the lighting. Everybody thought they will cancel the race...

300 m Pool / Swim - Average about 2:15 minutes/100 m
I don't like pool swim, it is such a mess... even worse than the open water swim! lol
I had to pass 4 people, lost a lot of time but it's the same for everybody so that's ok...

Transition 1
Usually I walk & run, today I ran the all time... Put on my helmet & cycling shoes & was ready.

10 miles / Bike - Average @ 18 mi/hr
First 3 miles were fine, I was fast & fresh. Then it started pouring rain just like in Texas! Felt like I was swimming again. lol I passed about 20 people on the bike, made me happy.

Transition 2
I was slow, didn't want to fall over & hurt myself. Those cycling shoes are really slippery when it's wet! :)

3 miles / Run - Average @ 10 minutes/mile - So slow but I didn't walk!
Here we go... last leg. I didn't feel too bad today, not like usual. I like cheering up people along the way. Told a guy in front of me who started walking @ mile 2 "Please don't start walking, you are my pacer!!!". lol He ran again & we finished that last mile together with another lady. They were nice buddies. :)
I waited for Mathieu to cross the finish line... He did it 1:30 minute after me! I only wish he would train a little instead of playing X-Box! :)

Overall - 01:18:21

It was a good race, amazing organization & volunteers.
I finished 5 out of 14 in my category... still room to grow for sure. Maybe one day I'll make it to the podium! Lot's of competition in Houston! lol


  1. Super ce duo de triathletes ! bravo a ton fiston, tu dois etre super fiere de lui, et tu auras raison :)

  2. Oui c'etait un chouette tri malgre la pluie. :) C'est marrant je le vois vraiment bien en EMT a aider les gens, ca vient tout a fait naturellement chez lui! Par contre cote sportif, c'est pas vraiment son truc... il ne s'entraine jamais mais l'atmosphere de la course lui plait bien tous les ans. :)