Sunday, October 2, 2011

I did it! My first Olympic Distance Triathlon

So... wake up & could already hear the wind outside, even on the fire place... Arrrggghhh... :(

Swim: That Australian stuff was not so good when you are part of the last waves going into the water. Not only you have to deal with the crowd in your wave but also with the other ones that are on their second loop... Way too many people in the water. I wasn't scared but I was swimming more water polo style than anything else at one point...
Think I did something like 39:30 minutes... swimming on the side the 2 loops... did way more than 1500 m...

Transition 1: It was like 1/2 mile running to get to the transition. I had to stop at the portable... :) Try to put on a bike short when you're wet... that's a challenge right there! lol
Anyway, let's just say I took my time! :)

Bike: Wind was 28 km/hour with gust (rafale) around 43 km/h. You cannot imagine how hard the bike leg was! lol 
On a U-turn, I almost fell because of a gust, that was amazing! lol

Transition 2: I was faster than transition 1!

Run: That was the longest 10K I ran in my life! :) As usual, I was a snail but I meet a lot of buddies along the way.

Overall: Did something like 3:44:12... I know, nothing amazing really but It was fun! I never thought it would be that hard... really wonder how I am going to finish the half-ironman in 4 weeks... :) 

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