Wednesday, August 20, 2014

XTERRA Cameron Park Off-Road Triathlon - August 17, 2014 - Race Report

XTERRA Cameron Park Off-Road Triathlon
02:58:04 - 1 AG 45/49

I left on Saturday evening, it was really lonely without hubby... Camping & racing together is so much fun!

Overall: I was happy to drive back home on Sunday with a medal for Leila. :)


What was your pre-race nutrition/hydration?
1 bagel with Nutella + Coffee - Water

What was your pre-race warmup?

Where did you line up for swim start?
To the left of the pack.
Did you swim straight and sight well?
Describe the swim...
Half way I was @ 8 minutes... I felt a current on the way back.
Felt longer than 750 meters, water was 92 degrees, way too hot!
How was your T1?
Messy... Forgot my sunglasses... Took me forever to put on my gloves with my hands being wet...

How was your nutrition? (include amounts and timing)
I tried a gel from the course mid way but spitted it right back... I should have taken one from home. :/
I didn't think I would spend that much time on the bike... Should have rode/previewed the course before.
How was your hydration? (include amounts and timing)
Gatorade - Water.
Describe the bike...
It was really technical - hilly. No wonder they say it's the hardest on the series... Intermediate to expert level.
At one point I thought I got lost because I didn't see the blue mark/ribbon anymore... went back - met 2 guys, they thought they were lost too... We found our way back, I'm glad I found them, it was kind of scary being alone out there... :)
Lost about 10 minutes on that one.
What went well during the bike?
That I made it with only one fall - didn't hurt myself too bad... I was pretty happy using my clip-less pedals for the first time on a race... I don't think I picked the perfect race for that but it was
really good training.
What are some areas of improvement?
    Hills - I need more strength in my thighs for that part - a different gear. 
How was your T2?
I lost time looking for my sunglasses in my bag but that was worth it.
How was your nutrition? (include amounts and timing)
How was your hydration? (include amounts and timing)
Describe the run...
Hilly except for the last mile.
Do you feel you biked too easy, just right or too hard?
I felt like running was so easy after the bike. Felt so light.
What went well during the run?
I was happy that I could actually ran the whole time...
What are some areas of improvement?
Speed - hill/downhill training.

Are you happy with your preparation for this race?
Well, I don't have too much training on the bike yet. I felt better than my first race in Muleshoe which I would find so easy after riding yesterday trail...
I know I could go so much faster on the bike whenever I will have more confidence on it. Need to spend more time biking on the trails.
See you next year!...

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