Sunday, August 12, 2012


Finisher Time: 01:20:35 - (17/55)

Swim - 300M - 06:37 - 8/55
I loved that swim! Good sensation are coming back. Felt great to get out of the water with few of the first swimmers.

Transition 1 - 01:24
I don't think I could have done better. 

Bike - 11 miles - 37:00 - (17/55)
I had really good sensation, I love my bike! 
The stuff I hate is that bike computer that zhom bought... I lost it in the ditch & it must have taken me 2 to 3 minutes to find the $&@&$ thing! Not to mention I was afraid of crossing a snake! lol
Anyway, I found it & it will go back to store next week...
I was averaging about 19 mph if not... Still room for improvement. :)

Transition 2 - 01:19
I was too slow putting on my shoes... Decided not to wear socks... Forget my bib, came back... What a mess! Lol

3 Miles Run - 34:13
OMG can I be any slower than that really??? Ewwwww... No socks + wet feet = blisters = not good!

Ok so the good thing is that I am back in freestyle even if at the end of the swim it took everything in me not to switch to breaststroke! :)
I didn't feel any jello legs after the bike... Maybe it's because of the jump rope training... I don't know...
I felt great on the bike.
Let's just say I have to improve on the run... Shoudln't be that hard right since I am that slow!!! lol

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  1. Je suis comme toi ... la CAP, c'est pas facile, mais c'est déjà super !! Bravo la miss