Sunday, June 3, 2012


Finisher Time: 01:26:04

Swim - 600M - 12:22  (2:03/100M)
Loved it for once! The only thing that I was mad about was my disposable chip, It was too lose & made me bleed. So now I have a sun tan mark + bloody scratch... Super sexy! lol
I could have swim faster but I got used to long distance swimming... I've got to train on that aspect for the rest of the season! :)

Transition 1 - 1:59
Was ok, a little slow. But we were in the grass & I had to clean my feet... :) 

12 Mile Bike - 36:17 - 19.91 M/Hour - 32.04 Km/H
Loved the bike leg!
Except that my right shifter popped up when I was cruising downhill on the first bridge... Forget about switching gears after that... Ewwww bummer!!! lol 

I saw it as a sign that I'm going tomorrow afternoon to the bike shop to try that beautiful Cannondale! lol

My thighs were burning @ the end! 

Transition 2 - 1:35

3 Mile Run - 33:49 (11:16/M)
What can I say... I really need to train on that & reach @ least a 10:00/M speed!

Overall, I felt really good at the finish line. It made me really happy because I didn't train since the Ironman April 1, 2012. :)

Last year I finished in 01:31:16.

Next triathlon is suppose to be an Olympic distance @ the end of August... I've got to find another sprint before that! :)

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