Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming Leg Portion - Panic mode...

Ok so, I bought the fancy triathlon wetsuit for Christmas for the swim portion of the half-ironman next week-end...
I tried it last Thursday & that was a disaster!
First of all, it wasn't really smart to wait that long to try it on... in the water... second of all, it wasn't really smart not to train period...
Well... We do what we can do right?

So... swimming breaststroke... try to stay under water long enough to kick the water... That's an experience! The extra buoyancy sent me straight to the surface... kick in the air... If someone was to tape me, I think I'd win some bucks on video gag! lol
Thought I could try again... yeah I'm kind of stubborn... same thing... then I try to swim different position, my back & my knee were killing me after 200m.

Instead of swimming 100m - 00:01:55, ended up around 00:02:25... Great!

BUT I tried the freestyle & the feeling was really good, around 00:01:39. So yes, that wetsuit is great for freestyle & being smart would mean to train on that... BUT... the race is in 7 days... So forget about it, I will never be able to swim 1.2 mile freestyle! 

I ended up taking it off & went back to the pool... Water was freezing, I turned blue!

Then just stopped going crazy & started thinking...
So... what can I do @ this point?... Hum...
I swam without a wetsuit in Austin for the half-ironman in October & promise myself I will never do it again... was hypothermic at the end... too early in the season to swim "naked"!
Then maybe I could add some weight on my ankle... Or cut the legs so at least my knee would not hurt me... Am I crazy or what? I need to keep that wetsuit to train on freestyle after that race.

So yesterday morning... I went shopping for a diving shorty = less coverage & thinner neoprene (3mm instead of 5mm).

I will try it this afternoon... hoping for better results... If not I'll be desperate & will end up finishing the bottle of wine tonight!

To be continued... 

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  1. Good luck for you Karine ! Kisses and a big hug ! Carol