Sunday, March 4, 2012

27 days to go...

Waouh...talking about time flies!!! I didn't see the winter go by...
This is the worst preparation ever for a half-ironman... The only stuff I did was biking & not enough until mid-January. I had bronchitis for about 3 weeks & not been able to breathe correctly messed up my preparation. I did really good with fitness & nutrition this time... Cannot seem do it right all the way!

But that's ok right?

Even if I don't go @ the pool, I can expect to swim ok... Why is that anyway? Can't it be the same for biking & running?  

Offats Bayou - Galveston, TX

Seewall - Galveston, TX

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  1. Oops ! Il sont oublié la plage ! lol

    Bon courage pour la dernière ligne droite ;)