Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Ok so we are in 2012, I'm not going to talk about resolution because really?... How often do we follow with these anyway?

I have a dream... some people may think of it as a nightmare but that would be fine too! lol

That dream would be easy to realize if it wasn't for the motivation & the training it involves... Hello??? I called it a dream for a reason! :)

Anyway... I can say it now: "Next year I will register for an ironman"... Yes in 2013... And that will be this one right here in Texas:

At first I thought since it will be my big thing, I might as well travel & make it fancy in another State... but that would be too much logistic... Hey if I can finish it, that will be fancy already! And the bike & run course are flat on this one!

So I'd better go back in training mode... starting today because since 70.3 Austin, I didn't do anything...

Coming up:

Half-Marathon Houston - January 15, 2012

70.3 Ironman Galveston - April 1, 2012 

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