Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half-Marathon Houston, TX

We did it! lol
It wasn't my first race with Mathieu, we did several 5K, 1 10K together since he was a kid... But it was his first half-marathon. :) 

We had breakfast like it would be a "normal" day... Well, I had a coffee with a bagel & nutella.
He had hot chocolate, 1 croissant & a bagel with jam... I told him he'd better stop eating except if he wanted to be sick on the race!  

Weather was perfect, cold & sunny, not too windy.
We started running together @ an easy pace. We were fine, it was a lot of fun around us between the people on the side of the road & the runners. Really good & friendly atmosphere.
We passed the 5K mark & Mathieu was still making jokes... same for the 10K. Then I started asking him if he was ok... he was so silent all of the sudden! lol
He was fine until mile 9, then he decided to walk.
He started to get cramps on his calf, back was hurting, blisters on feet... you know the story if you ran a half-marathon without any training before!... :) I wanted to stay with him but he asked me to go... so I did because the last thing I wanted is to get on his nerves...
I was lonely after that, counting the miles, one after the other... Wondering if he was ok...
He finished in 02:38:44, I did in 02:30:09. It was a nice long run training for me.  
We meet inside the expo center, he was tired & realized how much training you need to put into a half to finish it in good shape.

We had a great time together, I enjoyed every minute of it thinking that may be the last time I would be running with him! ♥

He enjoyed meeting the Texan's cheerleaders afterwards... He was all better then! lol
Now he left to go to his friends house, proudly wearing his finisher tee-shirt. :)

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