Saturday, September 24, 2011

Olympic Distance Triathlon Preparation...

1500 M Swim - 40 K Bike - 10 k Run

Let's just say under 03:30:00 I'll be happy! :)
It doesn't matter anyway, I'm not in for the timing.

This morning I went with my monkeys to pick up my packet/bib at the expo.

I bought a new handle tape gel... so girly! :) At least I will be able to find my bike easier at the transition area!

I changed it so many times when I was young & it's so easy on tri bike.
But here are some tips for newbie.

Tomorrow should be sunny - 22 to 34 degres Celsius from 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM - a little windy (hopefully not too bad... considering it's a 26 miles ride on the bike...).
So I decided to wear my swimsuit, then my cycling short... then switch from cycling short to running skirt. No socks. I will have a tee-shirt ready on top of my cycling shoes just in case I'm cold getting out of the water... to be continued! :)

Check List
Tri bag
Timing chip strap
Tri watch
Swim cap
Swim goggles
Cycling helmet
Cycling shoes
Cycling short
Running shoes
Running skirt - bib is on it
Running visor - My old one that I cannot get rid of for some reason. :)
2 packs of organic energy chews - Honey Stinger
1 bottle of water
1 bottle of Gatorade

Bunny is fixing & trying the bike rack on his car... & we will be almost ready to go!
Then a big thank you to Mathieu who changed his working hours to take care of the monkeys in the morning. :)

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