Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Towne Lake Olympic Relay Sep. 1, 2014 - Race Report


All I can say is that Relays are so much fun!
Here is the "Lunachicks" Team... :)

Swim: Karla Harms
I didn't know Karla until we met early in the morning. Strong swimmer, not really in training right now enjoying her babies - 2 & 4 years old. I wish I was swimming as fast when I'm in training! lol

She was all smiles all the way! :)

I'm glad I met you yesterday.

Bike: Cherish Thompson
I meet Cherish on Tri Girl races before, we talked a little but yesterday was really nice to know her better. She was all smiles too, so sweet!
She is a strong biker, look at her concentration skills... And yes, she's an iron woman! Check out her tattoo! :)

Her bike time was messed up but I believe she came in 1/7 - 01:09:00 - Impressive!
Run: Myself...
And trying to remember why did I say I would do the run??? What was I thinking?
Anyway... With Karla & Cherish strong ladies, I started the run @ the second place... I was thinking "oh my... I hope I am not going to let them down...". I tried to follow Veronica steps (yep the first relay team)... for about 1 mile 1/2 but I was like there is no way I could hold that pace... I don't even think she realized I was a stalker at this point! lol
Then Leanne passed me, nothing I could do. I mean she's a beast & I know she was after Veronica! I managed to finish the first loop under 30 minutes... then the second loop was a nightmare... One thing running without music is listening to your breathing/wheezing asthma stuff... Ewwww not cute! lol I HATE HEAT & HUMIDITY!!! Got it??? And I don't care about physician saying the best you can do is not to run... They've got to come up with something else... Especially living in Houston!
I was burning hot, sweating like crazy... 3 more "R" ladies passed me on the run, I was kind of desperate... Eric passed me, then I passed Jonathan, then Toby passed me... It was nice to know people on the run as they are really supportive even when they see you're agonizing out there! lol Then Pamela passed me on the last mile "Come on Karine, you can do it"... She gave me energy, I was really happy I was almost done so I finished strong, passing back these 3 "R" ladies... (come to find out later on, they were Sprint relay...) lol
And I came in 5/7... Well... At least there's room for improvement... Moving on!...

I don't know about you ladies but I was as happy placing Third as if we came in first place! lol

I like the fact that we said "no pressure" @ the start "it's just for the fun", then we ended up looking for a podium spot! :)



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