Sunday, May 13, 2012

Super Sprint Tri Girl Triathlon - Houston, TX

Sunday May 13, 2012

"Happy Mother's Day"

200 yards Swim - 8 miles Bike - 2 miles Run

Weather: Cloudy & Windy

Woke up @ 4:30 AM, had a bagel with nutella & coffee.
Drove for about 1 hour to Alexander Deussen Park. It was 64 degrees Fahrenheit & I had to drive with the top open to fit my bike... I was cold! I was hoping it would not rain! :)

Atmosphere was really neat, so different with just the girls! Lot's of pink, purple & turquoise. Ladies were just talking with everybody & that was a nice feeling. Usually race morning is kind of quiet in transition area, today we heard a lot of laughter which was cool!

Swim (11/63)
Was tough, lot's of big waves for a lake! I started the swim really good in the front, but after 50 meters, I helped 2 ladies that were panicking from the previous wave. They were screaming for the lifeguard who had no idea what to do, she couldn't control her canoe anymore & was bumping into the middle of the swimmers. I didn't really know what to do either except for yelling @ her to gave me her buoy so the ladies could rest (they were holding on to me @ this point a little too tight & I got kind of scared too!) & pushed her back on the side. I took the girls to another canoe. Then started swimming again, without my goggles. I was swimming freestyle faster than usual, was a little mad I guess thinking too bad I had that "delay"! That's one thing you don't deal with in long distance triathlon, people are able to control their swim.
Anyway, great workout! lol

Transition Swim/Bike
No socks, went fast except for me not finding my rack the first time... :)

Bike (25/63)
Started great & fast until my chain decided to give me a headache. I had to put it back in place 2 times, never went though that before in my life. Ended up in the ditch the second time, it was so stuck it block my wheel! Pissed me off! Then I started laughing... what a day! lol 
Landscape was great, in the middle of the forest, really nice!

Transition Bike/Run
Good & fast.

Run (41/63)
Well, always a snail! lol I run with a lady all the way, we spoke a lot too, decided to finish together. :) 

Overall (25/63)
My bike is going to the shop next week for repairs!
I will do that race again next year! The tee-shirt & the medal were cute! :) That would be the first time I will be wearing a race tee! :)


Next week-end I will be volunteering Friday & Saturday @ the Texas Ironman - The Woodlands, TX. Looking forward to it! :)

Next race will be on June 3, 2012 - Tejas Sprint Triathlon - Sugarland, TX